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Interracial Creampie

I'm not a writer that will become clear as you read on. A year ago my wife and I took a weekend vacation to just get away from the phone and the house. We drove to a secluded lodge in southern Missouri, about 2 hours away.
It was great just to be able to talk to each other and enjoy each other's company. My wife is an outgoing, sexy woman and at 57 she is even sexier, bright green eyes and beautiful full red hair and a dynamite 44dd chest.
We checked into the lodge and then headed to the lounge. As it was the off-season there was very few people in the lounge, just a couple of locals. We decided that would have a 2-person interracial creampie party and settled into returning to our conversation and drinking "Long Island Teas".
Around 10pm a young guy in his early 20's arrived. As I was in earshot of the bar, I over heard him tell the bartender that he was on his way home to Eastern Texas after being in the Army 4 years. I've always been a soft touch for fellow Army folks as I was in for 14 years and knew full well the uncertainty of "Going Home".
I asked the wife if it would be ok to invite him over to our interracial creampie, he seemed alone and as the bartender was busy in conversation with the locals. My wife said of course.

to be continued...

Interracial Creampie


He was typical Army. Lean, squared away and although maybe a little short he carried himself well. He welcomed the chance to talk to ordinary people and the offer of a free drink clinched it. As it turned out he was a great conversationalist, educated and had impeccable manners.
He was shocked when we told him our ages and remarked that my wife was beautiful with a blush to his cheeks. I kept the booze flowing and of course the conversation turned to interracial creampie sex and if he had a girl back home. He said no, that he had always been too focused on education and getting his tour of duty over to be involved with girls. He also remarked that he didn't have much in common with people his age.
By 12:30am we were told the bar would be closing and if we wanted we could take booze back to our rooms on our room tab. My wife wanted to close the evening with some wine and I had already made the switch to beer. I asked our young friend if he wanted to go to our room and have a few more beers, to which he that would be great.
As we entered the room my wife said she was going to shower and change while her wine finished chilling in the ice I brought in. At that point in private, I asked if she wanted to fulfill a mutual fantasy of interracial creampie. She said yes, if that was going to be ok with me later to which I said yes.
After 20 minutes in the bathroom she called for me through the door to bring her overnight bag. When I handed to her she opened it and removed the sexiest corset, nylons and heels I had ever seen and with a coy smile pushed me back out with our guest.
To be continued...

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